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A US$1 million bonus is available during the 2016 Global Sprint Challenge. To claim the bonus a horse must win a minimum of three Group 1 races across three different jurisdictions (countries) during the 2016 Global Sprint Challenge.

The bonus will be split 75% (US$750,000) to the horse’s owners and 25% (US$250,000) to the horse’s trainer. In the event of more than one bonus qualifier, the US$1 million pool will be divided equally amongst the winners.


All parties hosting Global Sprint Challenge races welcome enquiries concerning potential contributions towards the cost of transport for horses travelling from overseas to compete specifically in challenge races.


As a general rule, travel incentives will be offered to horses rated 115 or above including leg winners travelling within the series. However, travel incentives will not apply for horses being transferred to be campaigned in the country or jurisdiction in which they will be newly trained.

For further information, please contact the GSC committee representatives, as offers in this respect vary from
jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


Currencies shown on this website are the local currency of the host country. If the US$1 million bonus is to be paid out it will be converted according to current exchange rates at the time of payment.